The purpose of this collection of web tutorials is to provide detailed instructions for graduate students wishing to learn techniques in multiscale modeling. The tutorials include demonstrations of molecular modeling techniques such as Brownian Dynamics Simulations, visualization of biomolecules using VMD, and other topics such as multiscale modeling techniques. This tutorials are intended to benefit advanced undergraduate students as well as graduate students who are new to mathematical modeling and compuational biochemistry. It is recommended that students who participate in these tutorials spend some time reviewing basic Unix commands if they have never typed commands in a Unix/Linux terminal. Also, support for Flash videos is necessary in order for the user to watch the embedded YouTube videos. The current tutorials that are online focus on presenting the reader with instructions on how to use modeling software. Future tutorials will include more emphasis on conceptual and theoretical topics related to multiscale modeling in the life sciences.


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We are in the process of adding the first video tutorials to the website. We have created a robust web framework that is designed to be compatible with all webserver environments. The website is compatible with every browser that has been tested so far on Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows. Right now, there are only a few VMD tutorials on the website (including embedded YouTube videos that defaults to HD Quality). Additional tutorials will be added as soon as they are created. It is very easy to add a new tutorial to the website - all that I need to add a new tutorial is: 1) a paragraph description of the tutorial, 2) a link to a HD-quality YouTube video, and 3) a small graphic to appear next to the tutorial description.

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